Universities’ projects up for discussion as Missouri House leaders work on budget


The Missouri House Budget Committee will come together at noon Monday to discuss proposed budget items for public universities’ capital projects.

In the proposed budget from committee chair Rep. Cody Smith (R-Carthage), the University of Missouri has $14.6 million for a new veterinary laboratory and $900,000 for new greenhouses.

“Avian influenza is in the news a lot right now, that’s an example of a disease outbreak that makes it quite necessary to have a lab that is accredited and can be doing the surveillance for that disease so that we can stop it before it gets widespread,” said Dean of Veterinary Sciences Carolyn Henry.

Lincoln University has $3.8 million for expanding and renovating a nursing building.

“Which will allow us to double the capacity of our nursing school, which is among the best in the state,” said Lincoln University President John Moseley.

Gov. Mike Parson’s proposed budget includes $51.6 million for public universities’ core funding. The House committee approved this increase last week but cut a proposal to match Lincoln University for a land grant.

“There’s broad consensus in the general assembly about taking this opportunity to invest in our higher education,” said State Rep. Cody Smith (R-Catherage), chair of the House Budget Committee.

A bipartisan group was pushing for Lincoln University to get this land grant for agriculture research, but it did not make the final cut in the bills passed out of committee.

“I think it was a good year for students, but again, I just wish that more attention was paid to the core of our universities,” said State Rep. Kevin Windham (D-Hillsdale).

The state budget has a large surplus this year, as federal money from the American Rescue Plan sits on the table.

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