Petition · Request St. Charles County Missouri Government Adhere to the Master Plan ·

Attention St. Charles County Missouri Residents.  I’m not sure how many are aware that the County has a Master Plan.  This is what keeps our diverse and beautiful county how it is.  We have areas devoted to residential homes & walkable neighborhoods, apartments & condominiums, rural areas devoted to agriculture activities and homes on larger lots, commercial areas for shopping and entertainment, industrial areas for manufacturing type activities, and all kinds of other areas.  The Master Plan ensures we don’t put a commercial business right in the middle of a residential neighborhood.  

Unfortunately, there have been some recent events where they are considering going against the Master Plan and allowing commercial zoning right in the middle of residential communities.  

Lets send a clear message to our elected leaders that we want to stick to the master plan and maintain the beautiful county we live and work in.  

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