New allegations against Branson timeshare biz

Mike Colombo and Kevin S. Held

24 mins ago

BRANSON, Mo. – Susan Mann was scouring her elderly parent’s financial records when she says she noticed large amounts of money missing from their bank account.

“Digging deeper, I found out they purchased not one, not two, but three timeshares with Branson Nantucket,” she said.

Nearly six years after closing on their first property at the resort, Mann alleges her parents were deceived by Branson’s Nantucket.

“They thought they were signing paperwork to have that unit rented that they thought they originally purchased,” Mann said. “Now he’s 92, and she’s 84, and they completely took advantage of them. One with dementia, one can’t hear or walk.”

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She shared letters with us her parents sent to management at Branson’s Nantucket. They detail confusion about loan payments and what they described as “extreme pressure to initial and sign documents.”

Better Business Bureau Investigator Brian Edwards received similar consumer complaints about the timeshare industry in our interview last week.

“We’re really seeing that consumers feel they’re pressured into contracts that they don’t quite understand,” he said. “That they are signing up for these timeshares, being told they are very easy to resell or get rid of, and it turns out these are often lifetime contracts that are very difficult to get out of.”

The BBB advises consumers to use caution when considering doing business with Branson’s Nantucket, citing a pattern of consumer complaints alleging failure to cancel a contract, failure to issue refunds, misleading sales presentation, and poor customer service.

“The experience with them was not good. I left there unsatisfied. And then I reached out to the Missouri Attorney General’s Office to try and get some resolution,” Mann said.

FOX 2 contacted management at Branson’s Nantucket, as well as its parent company, Lifetime Destinations, to discuss these allegations. A representative told us they’d look into it, but we haven’t heard back yet. We’ve also contacted the Missouri Attorney General’s office about this. We’re also awaiting a reply.

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