Local business anticipates more customers this school tax holiday weekend | Mid-Missouri News

COLUMBIA − For the first time, Missouri’s school tax holiday will pause all local taxes.

Previously, cities and counties could to opt out of the Back to School tax holiday and impose its own sales tax.

Columbia and Boone County previously opted out of the sales tax holiday, and local taxes were still collected as a result. 

This year there will be no sales tax at all from 12:01 a.m. Friday, Aug. 4 until midnight Sunday, Aug. 6. This applies to items such as backpacks, computers and select clothing. 

The repeal of local opt-outs is a result of a change in 2021 tax law that allows Missouri and local governments to collect tax on online purchases.  

Kip Kendrick, Boone County presiding commissioner, believes the lack of sales tax during the holiday weekend will not negatively impact the county. 

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“Sales tax collection looks good for the county,” Kendrick said. “I don’t anticipate a sales tax holiday such as this to negatively impact us where it would lead to cuts.”

The Tin Roof is a small business that sells items such as clothing, notebooks and pens. Kyra Thomas, a manager at The Tin Roof, says she hopes the tax holiday will bring in more business. 

I think we’ll be expecting a little bit more of a big crowd, but also I think we’re expecting to see our regulars come back to,” Thomas said. 

Thomas says she thinks the pause on all local taxes will offer more opportunities for small businesses.

I think also know that the local tax is off, it can also help small businesses bring in more people,” Thomas said.

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