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This is to clarify some misinformation in the Mailbag last week about the Missouri voter ID law requirements.

The author of the letter stated that a Missouri driver’s license is required to vote, but this is incorrect. According to the Missouri Secretary of State’s website, you need a government-issued photo ID, which includes a current Missouri driver’s license, nondriver’s license, passport or military ID. You do not need to take a driver’s test to obtain a nondriver’s license. It can be obtained through any DMV office.

The website further states: “The Missouri Department of Revenue, through the license offices throughout the state, provides one (1) nondriver license at no charge to Missourians who wish to obtain a photo ID for voting purposes (and do not already have one).”

A government ID is required for lots of things besides voting in Missouri, including flying (Real ID soon required), opening a bank account, applying for food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, Social Security, unemployment, getting married, renting or buying a house, renting a hotel room, purchasing alcohol, cigarettes, or a gun, applying for a fishing or hunting license, among many others.

There are many reasons to have a government-issued ID besides voting. This seems like a reasonable requirement for one of our most valued rights to help ensure election integrity.

Jim Morrissey

Webster Groves

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