Another check is coming; are you eligible to get it?

Thousands of Americans have been wondering if they will be able to receive another stimulus check in 2023.

The last one was rolled out back in March so there has been a lot of speculation if another one would be going out soon.

The stimulus that is scheduled to be given out soon comes from each state’s surplus budget funds that are designed to provide a bit of relief for residents who are still struggling with high inflation and other economic hardships.

While there is good news for many, the reality is that only a portion of taxpayers will benefit because not all states will be giving out another stimulus check.

Which States are giving out a 4th stimulus check?

While it is true that all 50 states have access to stimulus money from the federal government, only the ones in the following list have displayed a plan for a 4th stimulus check:







New Mexico

New York







What population groups are eligible?

While every state’s requirements are different, all of them have a few things in common like falling under income levels or those who are struggling through high inflation,

Other states will also give out stimulus to farmers, essential workers or frontline workers, while others will focus on energy savers or teachers for example.

If you need more information check the website of your city or state for the latest news. If you want to check out a detailed list of all the relief checks that are going out, The Sun has an updated list that is very useful.

How much is the PFD in Alaska in 2023?

Some Alaska taxpayers will be receiving a check for $662 dollars as a non-taxable energy relief payment that is a portion of the state’s 2022 energy revenue corresponding to the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD). This revenue is redistributed to residents every year.

Taxpayers who are classified as “eligible-not-paid” will get their check on August 17.

The PFD in Alaska pays its State residents a portion of the state minerals revenue.

In terms of getting another stimulus check by the federal government, chances are very low.

While there is still some push by lawmakers to keep helping Americans who are struggling to get back on their feet after the pandemic, the reality is that with the economy getting better in and unemployment going down, it looks like the government doesn’t see the need to send another stimulus check.

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